activation photo booths

Check out our variety of interactive photo and video booth services to find the one that best suits your needs!


Graffiti Wall

The intersection of street art and technology: promoting customizable brand awareness through audience engagement.


180 photo booth

The pinnacle of photo technology: producing customizable “Matrix-style” videos with full social sharing capabilities.


selfie mirror

The photo experience that people will love you for: a crystal clear, full-body mirror that captures and shares beautiful photos.


GIF Booth

The best of both worlds: custom GIFs and prints that wow guests, creating easily-shareable content for social media.


slow motion video booth

The bread-winner in hilarity: turning ordinary actions into gut-busting video, sure to be displayed on social media.


green screen

The Hollywood experience: transporting guests into a variety of your custom branded scenes.


Boomerang Booth

The video booth perfect for Instagram: creating fun, sharable boomerangs customized with your event branding.


Customized Live Screen Printing Station

The ultimate giveaway “factory”:  letting guests create onsite customized memorabilia, stamped with your brand and their artistic flare.  


Flip books

The apex of takeaways: sending guests home with a customizable memory they’ll be flipping over.

Mosaic Option.jpg

Photo mosaic Wall


The community builder: create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, harnessing the power of social media.


Beauty booth


The best selfies around: bringing cover-quality beauty filters to your guests who will eagerly model your brand on social media.