GIF Photo Booth Rental


What Is the gif booth?

Compact and efficient, our noteworthy GIF Photo Booth rental is designed for the social media age. Operated by our onsite staff, the service is fun, fast, and easy for guests to use and share their GIFs at your next brand activation. In addition to the digital GIF, the booth also prints the captured photos. This combination of digital and physical takeaways adds depth to your branding and offers a “two birds with one stone,” highly sought-after service.


How does the gif booth work?

Guests pose against a backdrop in anticipation as the countdown begins. The camera clicks, capturing the first picture and the countdown starts again. After three shots, the photos are strung together, creating an animated video that plays on the animated GIF photo booth for guests to enjoy. Our on-site staff prints the photos while the guests enter their email to share their GIF on social media, enabling your brand to reach far beyond the walls of the venue. By the time the guests are finished, the prints are ready to take home. After the event, we send you a Dropbox link that includes all of the photos and videos to be used for your internal or external marketing purposes!


how to customize the gif booth?

The video and print out are both customizable to include your branded watermark or design. The animated GIF photo booth can also be custom vinyl wrapped to create a standing visual of your brand. Lastly, you can customize the backdrop with your logo or design, or choose a green screen to superimpose your guests, offering an endless amount of options to help convey your ideas.


Technical specifications

The GIF Photo Booth rental requires an 8' by 8' Area with a 7’ clearance, access to two 3-hole outlets that provide at least 10amps, and a 6' table with linens.


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