Photo Mosaic Wall Rental

Photo Mosaic Wall

What Is the Photo Mosaic Wall?

The Photo Mosaic Wall is the perfect service to increase audience engagement at your next brand activation, creating a unique experience that ensures lasting memories of your event. People love the idea of being part of something bigger; saying, "hey, I did that!" and the Photo Mosaic Wall is a larger than life way to include your guests. Just like restaurants that put their patrons' pictures on the walls, people get a special feeling of ownership when they can permanently stamp themselves for future visitors to see.

Mosaic Explanation.jpg

How does the Photo Mosaic work?

To create this amazing experience: 

  1. Guests snap a picture (this can be done either with their mobile devices or at a photo station).

  2. They can then either text it to a specific number that initiates a 2in by 2in photo to be printed or our photo station will begin the printing.

  3. Each print has coordinates that correspond to an exact location on the wall and guests use this to place their print.

  4. As more guests place their pictures on the wall, the picture becomes clearer until it is finally whole.

Photo Mosaic Wall

how to customize the Photo Mosaic?

The Photo Mosaic Wall has a variety of customizable options:

  1. You can determine what the final mosaic composite will look like (popular choices are a logo, event related graphic, etc.)

  2. The size of the wall can vary based on your space.

  3. Retrieve photos that are printed via Instagram, Twitter, SMS/text, or a separate photo station.

Technical specifications

The Photo Mosaic Wall requires an 8’ clearance, access to two 3-hole outlets that provide at least 12amps, and a 4’-6’ table with linens. The overall footprint will depend on the size of the Mosaic you choose to do. Popular options are 50" x 50" or 9' wide x 6' tall.


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