Corporate Boomerang Photo Booth Rental


What is the boomerang booth?

Give your next activation excitement and animation with our newly redesigned Boomerang Booth. Our Boomerang Booth creates a unique and hilarious GIFs that guests share across social media, transforming everyone into superstars of their own movie.

The popularity of these Boomerang GIFs will give your brand Instagram spotlight, lasting well past the day of your event.

How does the boomerang booth work?

  • As guests prepare their performance at the open-air corporate Boomerang Photo Booth rental, crowds gather excitedly for what they are about to see.

  • Prompted by our onsite staff, the participants begin their Boomerang by acting out whacky unrehearsed scenes, creating excitement for themselves and the audience.

  • When finished, the short GIF is broadcast on the kiosk for all to see.

  • Participants then text or email their Boomerangs from our social media station, creating a lasting memorable experience.

  • Post event, we'll send a Dropbox link including all of the videos, usable for your marketing purposes!

how to customize the boomerang booth?

There are a variety of ways to brand the corporate Boomerang Photo Booth rental , which include:

  • Adding a customized watermark: you can stamp a logo, company design, or other image on every shared video.

  • Creating an animated moving watermark such rolling text.

  • Utilizing a green screen or custom printed backdrop to further highlight your brand.

  • Opting for custom prints from Boomerang stills for a memorable takeaway from your brand activation


Technical specifications

The Boomerang Booth requires an 8’ x 8’ area with a 7’ clearance, access to two 3-hole outlets that provide at least 10 amps, and a 6’ table with linens.


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