Flip Book Photo Booth Rental


What is A flip book?

If you’ve been racking your brain for a new, fun, and unique way to promote your brand and are tired of the same old photo booth, our Flip Book Photo Booth Rental Service will surely flip the script at your next activation! This Flip Book Booth service brings the “takeaway” game to a whole new level as guests get to make and then take home their very own flip book, starring them! Not to mention, the video used to create the book can be shared on social media, ensuring your brand is not only in the hands of guests, but also across the various digital platforms.


How does A flip book work?

Standing against a backdrop opposite a kiosk rigged with professional-grade LED lighting, guests are able to act out a performance in the limelight as a video camera records it. The video, which is shareable on social media, is broken up into individual frames, printed on sheets, and then cut and arranged by our onsite staff to create the flip book. During assembly, your guests get to share their stunning, high-quality videos at our social media station. After the event, we send you a Dropbox link that includes all of the photos and videos to be used for your internal or external marketing purposes!


how to customize A flip book?

Our Flip Book Booth gives you the option to brand the video with a customized watermark or animated overlay for a great way to highlight your organization. The flip book’s outside cover can be fully customized using your logo or designs. You can also customize the backdrop used for each flipbook and video, or use a green screen for a nearly endless selection of scenes to choose from. 


Technical specifications

The Flip Book Photo Booth Rental Service requires an 10’ by 10’ area with a 7’ clearance, a 6’ and a 4' table with linens, and access to two 3-hole outlets that provide at least 15 amps.


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