Selfie Mirror Photo Booth Rental


What Is the selfie mirror?

The Selfie Mirror photo booth rental is a great photo activation for all sorts of events. It’s fun, fast, and easy, providing a unique experience for high traffic events and doing so with all sorts of brandable customizations. This magic mirror photo booth’s versatility is matched only by its inviting, reflective appearance and the incredibly high-quality pictures it takes. There have been so many times where guests were literally “wowed,” returning again and again bringing new people into their photo and quickly posting on social media.

How does the selfie mirror work?

  • The guests at your brand activation will stand before the mirror and use the crystal clear, reflective surface to check themselves out before their photo is taken.

  • The mirror displays a countdown and prompts the guests to pose.

  • After the picture is taken, the mirror offers a compliment and then displays the photo.

  • Guided by the onsite staff, participants text and email themselves the picture at our social media station, while the magic mirror photo booth prints their photos.

  • After your brand activation, we send you a Dropbox link that includes all of the photos to use for your marketing purposes.


how to customize the selfie mirror?

There are several ways to customize this service, which include:

  • Branding each photo with a customized watermark which appears on all printouts and digital copies.

  • Creating customized animations for the mirror like the starting prompt, countdown, compliment, etc.

  • Adding a custom vinyl wrap to the outside of the Selfie Mirror.

  • Providing a branded backdrop for people to pose in front of.


Technical specifications

The Selfie Mirror photo booth rental needs an 8’ by 8’ area with an 8’ height, access to two 3-hole outlets that provide 10amps, and a 6' table with linens.


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