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What is a flip book?

Wow guests at your next private event thanks to the incredible takeaway from our Flip Book Service. Guests record a video and then receive… a flip book! You probably guessed that. Still, the service is nothing short of amazing as it creates fun and lasting memories for everyone at your party. Audiences flock toward the gleeful cheers and eagerly wait for the chance to experience the Flip Book Service for themselves.


How does a flip book work?

With the guidance of our onsite staff, guests perform at the open-air service to create their flip book video. When finished, the video is broken down into frames, printed, and assembled by an onsite operator while guests share the video at our social media station. The delight is twofold: guests get a digital takeaway as well as the personalized flip book they created. After the event, we send you a Dropbox link that includes all of the videos!


how to customize A flip book?

You can customize the cover of the flipbook with a personal watermark, logo, or party theme. You can send us designs or we can make one for you! The flipbook cover isn’t the only customizable option. You can put a logo on the video, create a custom backdrop, or choose a green screen to seamlessly offer a variety of backgrounds for your event.


Technical specifications

The Flip Book service requires an 10’ by 10’ area with a 7’ clearance, a 6’ and a 4' table with linens, and access to two 3-hole outlets that provide at least 20amps.


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