Private Boomerang Photo Booth for Rent


What is the boomerang booth?

Perhaps the best way to create a social media buzz, our private event Boomerang Booth rental  not only creates Instagram-compatible Boomerang GIFs, it creates ones worthy of sharing. No one has to hold it an arm-length away, so it gives your private event guests the freedom to make some real, life-size magic. The resulting video, customized with your logo, is immediately sharable.

How does the boomerang booth work?

Prompted by our onsite staff, guests act out a short little something in front of the camera at your private event. The recording, once finished, is played for the guests on the monitor, allowing crowds to also catch a view, ensuring gleeful laughs. The Boomerang Photo Booth rental kiosk itself doubles as a social media station, where guests are able to upload their video right away. After the private event, we send you a Dropbox link that includes all of the GIFs!

how to customize the boomerang booth?

Our Boomerang Photo Booth rentals make customization easy, and every video is customizable: you can put your logo, messaging, or other graphic on every piece of shared media. We can make a customized wrap for the kiosk as a great onsite visual. You also have the option for a custom backdrop that provides both sharable and onsite recognition. 


Technical specifications

The private event Boomerang Booth rental  requires an 8’ x 8’ area with a 7’ clearance, access to two 3-hole outlets that provide at least 10 amps, and a 6’ table with linens.


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