Customized Live Screen Printing Station

Design Your Own Swag


What is Customized Live Screen Printing?

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience at your next activation, our Customized Live Screen Printing Station offers unrivaled branding opportunities, sending guests home with self-created, promotional memorabilia. Our on-site screen printing services allow excited crowds to watch as participants uncover hidden talents, exploring their artistic side while they design on a blank canvas or draw on a branded, pre-made template. Sure to keep and use their creation, guests will engage with your brand well past the day of your event.

How does Customized Live Screen Printing work?

The guests at your  brand activation  begin their work on a touchscreen monitor. The canvas is up to you: blank for free-draw, a branded template to color-by-number, or any other idea that helps tell your story. Whatever you decide for a canvas, guests will use it for their design. Our live screen printing station offers on-site staff who guide guests through the process and, once finished, the creation is instantly printed and heat-pressed on a promotional giveaway of your choosing. From tote bags to coffee mugs, it’s a great chance to make something really fun. The cherished takeaways are incredible reminders of the experience and your brand as guests show them off to the excited crowd as well as family and friends.


how to customize the Customized Live Screen Printing Station?

The design template is fully customizable: include prompts for people to answer, create outlines to color in, put your logo on a blank canvas to let people draw freely, design custom digital stickers to utilize, and more! The memorabilia is chosen by you, so you can send guests home with something that relates to your brand and activation. These customizable on-site screen printing services make it easy to cater to a variety of demographics, ensuring appeal across a wide spectrum.


Technical specifications

The Customized Live Screen Printing Station requires access to two 3-hole outlets that provide at least 20 amps, with a separate 20 amp outlet for our heat press, a 6’ table with coverings, and the area can be as small as 7’x7’ with a 7’ clearance. 


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