About Us

Here at One Chance Media, we provide innovative photo and video experiences that create shareable and lasting memories.  Whether you’re seeking a loyal customer base for your new product or trying to say thank you to some meaningful people, we’re here to make it happen.

Our services have traveled all over the country, from Miami to Seattle, Boston to LA. Clients count on us to deliver on our promise of seamless, professional, and dazzling experiences that make them stand out. The endless possibilities of customizations and branding have allowed clients to gain traction in their industry and provide guests the worthy appreciation they deserve. It’s no wonder that clients are continuously inviting us back.

We want to work with you to create the event you’ve envisioned and make it easy along the way. Get noticed and stay relevant by choosing One Chance Media as your source for interactive photo and video services.


Case Studies



To launch MAC and Patrick Starrr’s collaborative new product line, we brought our 180 Degree Photo Booth to LA’s iconic El Rey theater. Guests dazzled in the limelight, wearing their new makeup, and wowing the gathered crowd. Blown away, other guests and influencers eagerly participated, rushing to share their video on social media.



To really amp up Mall of America’s 25th Birthday Celebration, we installed our 180 Degree Photo Booth in a traveling trailer; the most novel application of our services to date. For two months, Mall of America’s traveling entertainment made stops all over Minneapolis, bringing the celebration to the people!


TJ Maxx needed an engaging service that brought Women’s Empowerment into the spotlight, so they asked us to bring our GIF Booth as the answer. Women got to choose magnetic adjective signs to put on the backdrop for their photos. With the help of Laila Ali and Barbara Corcoran, the event was a success!


To help draw audiences, Capital One asked us to provide our 7 foot Graffiti Wall at a number of their grand openings. Curious passersby got the chance to take, personalize, and print a photo at our Graffiti Wall which was customized with Capital One branded stickers and logos. Thirteen locations and counting!


We traveled with PNC to the Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta to get fans primed for 2017’s Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game. With our Green Screen service, we put fans on the 50-yard line (representing their team in head to toe gear), took their picture, and sent them home with a custom print from PNC.

PNC Bank.jpg


To spread the word for Perrier’s new flavor launch, we brought our Customized Live Screen Printing Station to their pop-up in the SOHO district of NYC. As the public flooded in, we heat pressed hundreds of tote bags with graffiti-themed, guest designed, Perrier templates as a “thank you” to all.


We tagged along on Sting’s tour from Chicago to Boston, bringing a little pizzazz for the Salesforce’s VIP with our Graffiti Wall. Guests got to watch Sting’s soundcheck as well as take a photo, customize it with graffiti, and print it out as a takeaway from the one of a kind experience.


We’ve worked with Mohegan Sun to add flare to a number of their events over the years. The Sun Tequila Tasting, which remains one of our favorite events, included our GIF Booth and a combination of great props. Giant, inflatable chilis make for some hilarious goofs.



Bank of America wanted our Graffiti Wall service to encourage business women to write their own words of empowerment. At the National Association for Women Business Owners Conference in Minneapolis, women visited BOA’s front entrance exhibit reinforce workplace equality and self-expression on our wall.


To promote employee engagement, NBC has brought us to 30 Rock a number of times, doing headshots for NBCU’s directory as well as entertainment for NBC’s “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” and “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.” With our Green Screen and some help from “Minions,” everyone had a blast!


We set up two Graffiti Walls and a Selfie Mirror for Walmart’s exhibits at the Essence Festival as a means to express beauty and individuality. The Selfie Mirror took photos at Walmart’s cosmetic exhibit while the Graffiti Wall was used to write power statements on photos, both truly demonstrating the importance of self-expression.


To promote Pour Moi’s market advantage, climate-proof makeup, at the Indie Beauty Expo, we used our Green Screen-GIF Booth to place guests in a variety of weather environments. Everyone received custom prints and shareable videos and we even customized our service with Pour Moi’s company motif!


Cengage wanted us to help unveil the new service they were launching at their conference in San Antonio with our 10 Foot Graffiti Wall. We collaborated with a local graffiti artist to create eye catching content for the numerous employees, prompting them to write messages, take their picture, and learn the new product.


We’ve worked consistently with Sam Adams for the past few years, most notably their post-marathon celebration featuring our 180 Degree Photo Booth. Still buzzing from the race, athletes, friends, and family gathered to take Matrix-style videos with enormous Sam Adams cutouts, medals, and beer.


We partnered with Sparkling Ice and four local artists at the Boston Music Awards for extra flavor on our Graffiti Wall. With the “Be Not Bland” motto in mind, the artists graffitied colorful designs on black and white guest photos. Along with a custom brick backdrop, the spicy, urban-style visual made this service truly unique.


To make Maybelline’s line of new lipstick really pop, we went to BeautyCon NYC with our Graffiti Wall so guests could get their pose on in fashionable new colors. The service tied in with Maybelline NYC’s graffiti theme with colorful spray tags, custom stickers, and a custom brick backdrop.


We went all out with customizations to promote Westfield Mall’s wine and cheese shop-night. Guests posed before a custom Westfield Mall step and repeat as our GIF Booth snapped photos, turning them into short videos. All of the prints and shared videos were branded with inhouse, custom Westfield Mall graphics.


We’ve worked with BHLDN to bring high-quality photos, videos, and takeaways to highlight the the chic aesthetic they embrace. At our most recent event to promote BHLDN wedding apparel, we shot professional photos with our Tower Booth, as guests posed against a hand-made flower backdrop, delighting newlyweds, friends, and family.


At a CMA after party sponsored by BMLG and Budweiser, our 180 Degree Photo Booth was the source of hours of entertainment for hundreds of people. Country music fans as well as stars poured into FGL, hyped from the award show, and threw handfuls of confetti as we captured their excitement and shared it on social media.


We brought our 180 Degree Photo Booth to Dallas to provide the glitz and glamour of the red carpet to Beats and Bubbly’s New Year’s Eve celebration. The night was full of music, food, fun, and pounds of shimmering confetti. Good thing they brought a leaf blower.